Make Sudoku a real challenge


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If you like Sudokus then today just might be your lucky day. Sudoku Epic is a very complete Sudoku game that is designed for all users, from rookies to pros.

It comes in a great-looking presentation that still doesn’t get in the way of the Sudoku itself. It even comes with the option of printing the Sudoku on paper so you can do it by hand.

The large amount of options offered really stand out, especially the size option that lets you choose a predetermined size for your Sudoku, from 4x4 to a challenging 16x16. You can also set the difficulty level, from 'very easy' to 'very difficult', recommended only for true experts.

If filling in Sudoku’s is one of your favorite pastimes, then go ahead and try Sudoku Epic, you will not be disappointed.

Limited number of uses.

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